We want to express our appreciation to Senior Designer Manager Kenneth Tan for his excellent services rendered to us during the reno period. We have been working with many IDs but Kenneth has stand out amongst all. He has been proactively right from the start of the reno work and has been timely on job completion. We are really grateful to his contributions throughout the process and will definitely return for his service and recommending to our friends and relatives. Excellent job well done, Kenneth!!!

Goh Choon Kee Joseph, Punggol Field Walk

We were walking round our new estate and happened to see one of the unit door wide open. We were curious to see the interior of the house so we stood at the gate to look inside and Averse saw us and invited us in to look around. He was very friendly and showed us around. He also managed to answer some of my queries regarding some not so popular material used. After which we decided to make an appointment with him at his office to discuss more about doing renovation for our new house. During the appointment, he was able to quickly draw up an initial design of our new house based on our requirements. We wanted a practical and easy to maintain house, with many storage area and he was able to give us that while infusing his creative ideas into the overall design. He took into account my family's needs and likes and gave us all rooms with our own colours and functions while maintaining a pleasant, nice, and beautiful theme that runs through the whole house. Throughout the renovation process, Averse was very responsive and responsible. He was also very helpful and would go with us when we wanted his opinion when purchasing doors, lighting, flooring, and even sofa. He would give us very helpful and creative suggestions regarding the colour and design of the items. He even went the extra mile to help keep my youngest son occupied by letting him play his favourite game on his tablet. We are very satisfied and happy with our new house. It's a beautifully designed and renovated house. Thank you very much Averse for your very creative and beautiful design.

Joseph & Jennifer Lim, Punggol way

Engaged Ciseern for our new HDB renovation during EXPO Furniture Show. Compared a few companies and decided to choose Ciseern, not because of its price as we know from the beginning it's comparably expensive comparing to most of remo firms in Singapore. We chose Ciseern because of its experiences in the industry and good reputations of the product quality. It was afterwards proven we made the right choice. Our ID, Teen Hui, is responsible, attentive and patient enough to attend all my requests. From signing the contract to completing all reno works, he never disappointed us. I have to say although we spent more than what we could have spent if we ever engaged other reno firms, the product quality, the workmanship, and the services provided by our ID are meeting and sometimes even exceeding our expectations. This is not the first time I'm engaging someone for renovation but definitely so far my most enjoyable experience. My special Thanks to our ID Teen Hui, for his outstanding service provided throughout the entire process, not only managing to complete contracted orders but also provided us honourable & useful advice beyond his jobscope. Thanks!

Zhu Mi,Edgedale Plains


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