we had a very enjoyable experience with Ciseern, especially with Averse our ID. He is a very experienced and meticulous ID. Initially, we do not really have the idea on how to design our house. What we do is just to provide him the pictures that we like, he could actually design the 3D to our liking! And he would provide us with a lot of good ideas how we should decorate our house, color combinations, furniture placings, etc. In occasions that we went for furniture shopping, we would send him the picture of the furniture that we like and he would reply us promptly. He also went along with us to select lightings, making our shopping trip so much easier as we have little or no knowledge about that. Most importantly, Averse is very proactive. A lot of things we did not even tell him to do. But he already did it for us without us knowing. For example, the curtain ledge, cable box racks, the ventilation holes, he did it for us without us telling him. We really like his service and would highly recommend him to our friends. Thumbs up!

Mr Terence Cheng, Punggol drive

Kent has been helpful and attentive to our needs throughout the renovation. He is creative and unique with his designs and ideas. We would like to thank him for his help in this project.

Phua Yonghe, Fernvale St

We are very satisfied with the overall design and atmosphere of our first home. It wouldn't be so comfortable and gorgeous without the exceptional and creative brain of our designer - averse. Averse is an excellent designer with great design sense, very responsible, highly dependable and wonderful customer service. I am sure he will continue to provide excellent after-sale service in time to come. He is attentive and sensitive to the design of every little part of the house, making sure that every part is designed to perfection. We had an enjoyable time designing our first home with him and it makes the building of our nest, less stressful and less hassle one. We will definitely recommend our friends to averse if they have the budget for ciseern's pricing.

Mr Lin Yonghui, Punggol walk

My designer was Mr. Zax. He has done an excellent job,easily communicable and finished the work in time as he promised.

Thajudeen Mohammed Zuhary, Ang Mo Kio Ave 1

This is to confirm that Ciseern had completed the renovation works at our HDB flat as stated above around early September 2015. We are happy and satisfied with the work done and also wish to highlight the excellent and good service by your Ms Irene Lee. We would like to thank Irene for overseeing and ensuring that there was no time delay in the renovation works. She had carried out a smooth execution and revert to our various request expediently. We would introduce Ciseern and Blum to our neighbours, friends and family members as and when they are visiting our home. Thank you for your warranty and quality assurance given.

Ong Kian Tiong, Chai Chee Rd

Thank you Lyeeann for the excellent work! Most of my friends and family members like the design that you did for my son's room.

Ng Sai Kin, Bishan St 15

I.D Benny Chia was excellent in designing our 1st new home & recommending us along the way what type of concept we wanted.Also explaining in details of the materials being use & the quality of the materials.The timeline given was also great & way below our expected date delivery.Even at late night he still response to our group chat which he created so that any enquires or problem arises will be answer asap.Highly recommended company & worth every penny of it. Good Job Ciseern& Benny Chiah

Shabib Bin Mohd Basir, Punggol Drive

Thank you to our designer, Dylan Wong. Thank very much for making our dream home come true!! Friendly and easy to work with, definitely will recommend to our friends and family!! Well done, Dylan!

Foo Weng Kit, Fernvale Link

Kenneth has been very attentive to our expectations & always respond promptly to our calls & messages. He'll arrange rectification & modify where necessary to ensure design & functionality is seamless. We've a very cordial working relationship & hope that Ciseern will also continue with the good post sales service.

Chua Sit Tat, SengKang East Avenue

I am writing in with sincere thanks and good reflection of my personal yet EXCELLENT experience with my Interior Designer, Kristen Teng. This is not just another complimentary letter but more of a HEARTFELT APPRECIATION to express my gratitude to Kristen to affirm her professionalism to render her BEST service to me! I recalled the day (26 August 2015, a Wednesday) when I stepped into EXPO in the hope to look for an ID to help me to do up my new unit. Then it was like a god-sent when Kristen attended to me. She is sincere and exhibits great patience in addressing all the doubts as a first-time owner may have, be it how tweeny weeny certain questions are. With the detailed explanation as well as good advice given on how to go about renovating my new unit to create a simple yet cosy ambience, I am really impressed! I am thankful I have made the right decision and great choice to sign up the renovation package with her! I dare not think of the outcome now, should I have missed the opportunity to engage Kristen as my ID then! I remembered very well it was still the 7th month of the lunar calendar when I collected my house keys from HDB. I was taken by surprise when Kristen sent me a SMS a day before the start of the 8th month to gently remind that we could arrange for a meeting to start planning and discuss about the schedule/details of the renovation works. She is just as good as my Personal Assistant to help me keep track of the dates! It was then a Sunday (20 September 2015) when I had intended to open my house for the very first time to do a little praying ceremony. Kristen kindly offers to come to my place to check for defects after I am done with that. She even filled up the checklist on my behalf, knowing that I lack the experience to do so! She is METICULOUS in looking out for any slightest defects. Wow! See how serious she is at work! It is so heartening with her around to keep me accompany. Though it took a while for the 3D drawing to be ready, I would reckon that Kristen has put in much effort to come up with a good colour theme, which in the end, she is very willing to change the colour for me when I made a request. Soon, we met up for electrical works to be discussed, with the presence of the electrician. Kristen has earned for herself a plus point when she remembered that my only available timing for each meet up MUST always BE in the mornings! Oh my! Who would have taken note of such detail, given that she may have tight schedules with other clients too! You can just trust her to accommodate to my timing! Thank you, Kristen! Then as things moved on, often I would suffer from brain jam when it comes to making a final decision on issues with regards to where to add additional electrical points/sockets for the instant heaters; connection and extension of the city gas piping; positioning of the build-in wardrobe in the master bedroom or to put up top cabinet at the stove area; painting of the door frames; installation of sliding windows at the service yard and whatnots. I would disturb Kristen with SMSes and each time her generous assurance and clarification set my mind at great ease! At each stage of the renovation progress, Kristen has never failed to call me up or even takes great pains to make site visits to send me pictures through Whatapps to update me promptly. Then again, knowing that I have a tight budget to work on, Kristen has been UNDERSTANDING to do just the basic yet keep to the feasible facilities which I need for the house. This is obvious when she initiates to drive me around in a car to bring me to the respective places to get the necessary toilet accessories, lightings, curtains, not forgetting to choose a comfortable set of sofa too! I have heard of cases when IDs from elsewhere would accompany their clients around but has to be done in trips by taking taxi{s} from one spot to another, all transportation fares to be borne by the clients! I must really count my lucky stars to have met Kristen! Kristen, I am pampered for the great convenience you have given to me! I remembered then (29 October 2015) Kristen was not feeling too well at the end of a long day out with me. I could tell she has overworked as then she had a few other projects at hand too. Plus that period of time, haze was bad. But that did not deter her from ending the day early to go home and rest. I felt rather bad seeing her sacrificed her personal rest time and end all purchases with me till late evening. To create even greater convenience with good time management, Kristen always tries to arrange for me to meet her at COURTS Tampines to sign the VOs or collect some vouchers as rebates. This is killing two birds with one stone as I could make use of the opportunity to move around COURTS to make choices for my TV and dining set! Of course, I can hear and value the views from Kristen directly. When there was some hiccups in putting up the colour for the feature wall, Kristen immediately highlight to me, which I would give her a thumbs up for the honest act. The beautiful part is that she makes sure the small portion would be rectified! Kristen has truly done a GREAT job in working closely and coordinating well with her team of workers. This is evident again when 2 days back (18 December 2015), the handover of my unit marks the closing case of the renovation works, Kristen took the extra mile to personally do some touch up! As a team leader in this sense, I would compliment her to be able to do a very good job and get the taste of hard work which her workers have to go through in the progress of completing their mission! I salute you, Kristen. This is a good learning point for me. This lengthy complimentary letter is definitely NOT copied from any template in standard form, but is TRULY an affirmation letter to acknowledge Kristen’s professionalism in her job! Kristen is more than just an Interior Designer, Consultant and Advisor but also a good friend to know. Her openness to willingly share her personal encounters as a defiant teen in her younger days has inspired my son too. The change in you to become such a self-disciplined young lady today now makes him look up to you as a sister! You are 12 years his senior and he respects you! I can only end this letter with still a BiG THANK YOU, Kristen! Great thanks for giving me such pleasant and good memories that will always etched on my mind! I wish you all the best in your future endeavours and strongly believe you will always put in extra effort to make everyone’s day a happy and memorable one! Thank you, thank you, Kristen! Thank you, Ciseern too for having such a great ID around for me to come into contact with!

Wu Mei Fung Janice, Sumang Walk


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